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We are a proud distributor of Z-Bolt® Green Laser Pointers. Imported, Designed, and Manufactured by Beam of Light Technologies, Inc. BOLT places orders of 6,000 pcs or more, of 10 different models or more, shipped via sea cargo to save on freight and added cost. All items listed are high quality - 1 Year Warranty on all purchases. Take advantage of special one time offers here - while supplies last!

Baby Beamer® Green Laser Pointer

- Small, Compact, Very Cool!


World's Smallest Green Laser Pointer, 3 1/2"
Free Lanyard, Wood Gift & Travel Case
Miniaturized Pulsed Diode Technology

as low as...
GBL-1 Green Laser Pointer

- All Around Best Seller!


2 Finishes, Compact Size, Gun Metal Carry Case
Chrome, or Matte Black Finish
LED On Indicator, 2 Mile Range

as low as...
GBL-1E Green Laser Pointer

- Budget Buy, Personalize


Engraves Gold, Metal or Wood Gift Case, No Min Order, Brass Accents, 2 Mile Range
24 to 48 Hour Processing

as low as...
GBL-1K Green Laser Pointer

- Includes BTB-4 Charger Kit


Matte Black or Mirrored Chrome
Charger & 4 pcs NiMH AAA Batteries
LED On Indicator, 2 Mile Range

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GBL-2 Green Laser Pointer

- FDA Safety Class II


FDA Safety Class II, < 1 mW
UK, Australia, EU Approved
10 Times Brighter than Red

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GBL-3 Green Laser Pointer

- Adjustable Focus Optics


Dial Your Dot Size to Control Brightness
Twist to Adjust the Optic Ring
Polished Chrome Accents

as low as...
RF-532 Green Laser Pointer

- Wireless PowerPoint Remote


RF Wireless Green Laser Pointer Remote
Page Up and Down, Plug & Play
Windows and Mac Compatible

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LS-1 Party Laser

- Hand Held Green Laser Light Show!


Oscillating Optic Mirror
Choose Dot or Laser Show
Free Nylon Wrist Lanyard
Metallic Red Finish

as low as...
BTG-9 Green Laser Pointer

- Laser Optics Diffraction Grating


Optic Ring Projects Galactic Constellations
Black with Polished Chrome Accents
Removeable Tip for General Use

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BTE-4S Red Laser Pointer

- 4,000 ft Range, Constant On


Brightest Dot Red Laser Pointer - 635 nm
Constant On Switch, Operate Hands Free
Foam Lined Carry Case

as low as...
BTE-6 Red Laser Pointer

- Choose Dot or Arrow


Adjustable Focus Red Laser Optics
Choose Dot or Arrow, Engraveable

as low as...
BTE-6E Dot/Arrow Red Laser

- Engrave & Personalize


Corporate Gifts & Trade Show Promotions
Adjustable Lens - Choose Dot or Arrow
24 to 48 Hour Processing

as low as...
BTE-3 Red Laser Pointer

- Budget & Economy Priced


Beat Value Red Laser Pointer
645 nm Laser Power Output
Rugged Carry Case

as low as...
BTE-3E Red Laser Pointer

- Executive Style, Engraved


Best Value Engraved Red Laser Pointer
Engraves Gold, No Min Order
24 to 48 Hour Processing
Trade Show Promotions

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